Renovation at 117 Dewitt Place
Published : 03/13/2020

Imagine having a beautiful landscape able to be seen through unique architectural windows, the sound of falling water from the gorge and perhaps a few deer just outside while you enjoy the comfort of your own charming apartment which, unbelievably, is in the heart of Collegetown. This gorgeous five-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment is currently undergoing an incredible transformation. Student housing in Ithaca has never looked so amazing! This rental apartment available for Cornell students is ReadMore..

Tips for tenants in Ithaca Collegetown rentals during Spring Break
Published : 03/13/2020

March 28 to April 5 is Spring Break for the students of Cornell University. Many of our tenants will be away from their Cornell off-campus housing during this time. There are some recommendations for tenants to follow while they are away. Some tips for tenants include leaving a light on for security reasons and making sure to keep your refrigerator plugged in and put out perishable items before you leave. If you pay for your own utilities, remember to leave your heat on above 55 degrees in ca ReadMore..

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Renovation at 117 Dewitt Place
Tips for tenants in Ithaca Collegetown rentals during Spring Break
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