Beautiful New Gardens Added to Collegetown Properties
Published : 06/27/2018

Throughout 2017 PJ Apartments focused on developing Dewitt gardens. These beautiful gardens are located along Dewitt Place complementing PJ Apartments’ collegetown apartments. Ithaca is one of the most beautiful locations in Upstate New York and we believe our apartments should be no different. An emphasis on developing lush gardens for our tenants has been a success and now we are proud to share what our hard work has accomplished.

A brand new ReadMore..

Maintaining Quality in Cornell Properties
Published : 06/20/2018

Throughout the summer months we spend extraordinary amounts of time on specifically maintaining the interior and exterior of our Cornell apartments. Our goal is to give our tenants quality and maintained apartments inside and out. As we are approach the end of June, we wanted to give an update on what we have achieved so far.

  • Interior Painting: As new leases have begun, our team has successfully completed painting of ReadMore..

Cornell Rental Offering Unique Features
Published : 06/17/2018

Finding an Ithaca apartment for rent where the staff is devoted to continuously working to improve the interior and exterior of their properties is sometimes a difficult feat for Cornell students. At PJ Apartments, we pride ourselves in taking care of all aspects of our buildings and summer time is the perfect time to make improvements.

Every year, our staff works extremely hard throughout the summer to maintain each property so our tenants can ha ReadMore..

Color Run Supports Local Community
Published : 06/12/2018

Are you living in apartments in Ithaca, NY and looking for an active way to get involved in various community events in the area? PJ apartments enjoys participating in initiatives that support our surrounding communities.

A fun family-oriented way to get involved is at the Groton Jr/Sr 5K Color Run that was put together by the Parent Teacher Organization. This event will be taking place at the Groton Central School District. The 5K will be a ReadMore..

Moving into Your New Collegetown Apartment
Published : 06/05/2018

We are extremely excited to welcome all of our new tenants who have arrived for the academic year. Our team has worked extremely hard to get all of our college town apartments ready for the beginning of your lease.

It is also thrilling for us to announce the addition of another manager, Zach, who will be working alongside Nicole to help make all of our tenants experiences at PJ Apartments unforgettable. Since the beginning of our leases have begun ReadMore..

Beautiful Scenic Attractions Near Collegetown in Ithaca, NY
Published : 05/22/2018

As we approach the summer months, the semester is coming to an end and students are eager to enjoy the lovely summer weather. Ithaca is home to some of the greatest environmental attractions in the state through its hiking trails, waterfalls, and parks.  If you are living in apartment near collegetown, you can enjoy all of the luminous and scenic views through the various parks and other attractions in Ithaca. Some of the major attr ReadMore..

Leaving Your Collegetown Apartment in Ithaca, NY at the End of Your Lease
Published : 05/15/2018

The end of the academic year at Cornell is approaching and many tenants at PJ Apartments are beginning to prepare for the end of their lease at their Ithaca apartment. If you are leaving your apartment at the end of this month, there are some things you should be aware of when leaving to eliminate the possibility of losing a portion of your security deposit.

1. Should your carpets and/or upholstery need to be cleaned, the carpet cleaning company ReadMore..

Part of College Life is Living Off-Campus With Friends
Published : 05/09/2018

Ithaca, New York is a hub of excitement, and such a varied community of global students and residential areas where many people have lived for years. The enjoyment of this area is seen by the flocks of students that arrive throughout the year seeking to further their educatio

As new and veteran students know, finding affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca can be frustrating due to the total number of people looking for housing. Granted ReadMore..

What are you looking for when searching for a Collegetown Apartment?
Published : 05/09/2018

When looking for an apartment rentals near Cornell, many prospective tenants are looking for a "home" feel rather than just an apartment to temporarily live during their timat at school. 

Our collegetown apartments offer fully furnished apartments for rent in Ithaca, N.Y.  which provide a "home" feel rather than just an empty unit. On DeWitt Place, a private street that dead ends ReadMore..

Leaving for Spring Break? Use These Tips To Make Sure Your Ithaca Collegetown Apartment is Secure!
Published : 05/09/2018

We know students need a break from all the studying and stress that college courses can create throughout the semester. Well, spring break starts at the end of this week and many students are traveling either home or to their favorite spring break destination.

At PJ Apartments, we want to provide our tenants with guidance on how to make sure your student apartment rentals near cornell is secure from theft or break-ins while you en ReadMore..

Available Units for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
Published : 05/04/2018

Here in Ithaca, some Cornell students find housing a full year ahead of time and others tend to wait until a few months before the next academic year begins.

PJ Apartments has rented nearly all of their units for the 2018-2019 academic year, but there are still a few great collegetown apartments still available. One unit still available for the upcoming academic year is a one bedroom apartment located at 105 Dewitt ReadMore..

Cornell Student Housing Company Striving for the Best.
Published : 04/22/2018

When operating apartments in Collegetown, it is important for any landlord to assess how their tenants feel about the properties they live in. At PJ apartments, we are currently looking for your feedback through a short survey!

On April 18, our staff sent out a survey to all of our tenants asking a few questions on their opinions of various aspects of the company and our properties. In the survey, there are open ended questions regarding what ReadMore..

Summer Job Opportunity with a High Quality Collegetown Apartment Business
Published : 04/17/2018

Are you interested in joining the PJ Apartments team for the summer of 2018? Throughout the summer months, we continuously renovate, improve, and maintain our luxury Collegetown apartments. Making sure our tenants receive the best experience possible is extremely importance to us.  

We are currently looking for energetic and motivated team players to help us get our properties looking the best inside and out. Our goal is to for ReadMore..

Available Apartments in Collegetown, Ithaca, NY.
Published : 04/13/2018

Here in Ithaca, some Cornell students find housing a full year ahead of time and others tend to wait until a few months before the next academic year begins.

PJ Apartments has rented nearly all of their units for the 2018-2019 academic year, but there are still a few great Ithaca Student Apartments still available. One unit still available for the upcoming academic year is a one bedroom&n ReadMore..

How Can You Help Keep Collegetown Apartments in Ithaca Clean and Green?
Published : 04/10/2018

At PJ Apartments, we want to let our tenants and others living in Collegetown apartments in Ithaca to acknowledge how simple it can be to recycle properly and keep a green environment.

Under the recycling laws of New York State, recyclable items are considered to be items that are made out of paper, plastic, or glass. In Ithaca, the Tompkins County Waste Department assists this effort by providing a place to collect and sort through tras ReadMore..

Collegetown Apartments that Give Back to the Ithaca Community!
Published : 04/09/2018

Are you living in a Collegetown apartment and looking for an active way to get involved in the Ithaca community? PJ Apartments enjoys participating in initiatives that support our community. A great way to get involved is the upcoming Tough Turtle Challenge on April 21st At the Ithaca Children’s Garden. 

The Tough Turtle is a 5K obstacle course that goes along the Cayuga Waterfront and Black Diamond Trail ReadMore..

Finding that Amazing Apartment in Collegetown, Ithaca!
Published : 04/09/2018

Here in Ithaca, some Cornell students find housing a full year ahead of time and others tend to wait until a few months before the next academic year begins.

PJ Apartments has rented nearly all of their units for the 2018-2019 academic year, but there are still a few great Collegetown rentals still available. One unit still available for the upcoming academic year is a one-bedroom apartment located at 102 Williams Street ReadMore..

Spring Beauty Surrounding Collegetown Apartments!
Published : 04/01/2018

Finding off-campus housing in Ithaca that offers scenic views, trees, and gardens can often be very difficult. At PJ Apartments, we are devoted to making your Ithaca experience full of life and beauty.

Spring time is officially here at PJ apartments and blooming season is beginning! It is an exciting time of year for students because the winter weather is finally starting to ease and they can begin to enjoy the beautiful environment that spring pr ReadMore..

Where Will You be Renting in Collegetown Next Academic Year?
Published : 03/26/2018

Here in Ithaca, some Cornell students find housing a full year ahead of time and others tend to wait until a few months before the next academic year begins.

PJ Apartments has rented almost all units for the 2018-2019 school year, but have a couple of great Collegetown rentals still available.  One of them is a newly renovated studio located at 203 Williams Street.

This very large, high quality s ReadMore..

The Pros and Cons of Moving Off Campus
Published : 03/23/2018

Collegetown Ithaca has been bustling with activity as classes continue, new students arrive and now the countdown to end of year festivities. The end of this semester will be upon us before we know it. Freshmen will get to decide whether to stay on campus in the dorms or look for affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca.

Returning students also find the Spring to be a time of going over how their year has been and what they'd like to do differe ReadMore..

Reserve your Ithaca Apartment for the Spring Semester Now with PJ Apartments
Published : 03/16/2018

So you've been accepted to Cornell for the spring semester here in Ithaca and you need an apartment for the spring semester. You've come to the right place to find the housing you are looking for. With our extensive list of available apartments and houses, you are sure to find the perfect place to call home.

Student apartment rentals in Ithaca are often at a premium and require a long waiting list, but with our numerous properti ReadMore..

Why Apartment Living Near Collegetown in Ithaca Makes Sense
Published : 03/16/2018

Welcome to Collegetown Ithaca ! Whether you are a new or returning student, considering living off campus is a huge decision. After the freshman year, many students decide that they need to get away from the noise, chaos and tight quarters.  Affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca can be difficult to find if you don't know who to ask.

The most important steps to living off campus are to plan out your budget, get to know the community and loca ReadMore..

Enjoying the Ithaca Seasons near your Collegetown Apartment
Published : 03/12/2018

Ithaca is beautiful even in the winter with lots of snow!

Spring time is quickly approaching and we've had a little taste of unseasonably warm weather.  As stressful as attending college can be, Ithaca can be a great place to enjoy nature, no matter the season and it can also be a great stress release.

When looking for student apartment rentals in Ithaca, students can have first hand experience of colorful, luminous, and sc ReadMore..

This Spring Cornell Students Can Live Off Campus near Ithaca Collegetown in Luxury Student Apartments
Published : 01/17/2018

Spring semester will be here very quickly and this is an excellent time to look into affordable apartment rentals near Ithaca Collegetown. Living off campus comes with many benefits and if you've been living on-campus, well, you can imagine how much more pleasant your own place would be.

Returning students and new enrollees consider living off campus for various reasons. Budget is one major consideration and it is a known fact that you can sa ReadMore..

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