Part of College Life is Living Off-Campus With Friends

Ithaca, New York is a hub of excitement, and such a varied community of global students and residential areas where many people have lived for years. The enjoyment of this area is seen by the flocks of students that arrive throughout the year seeking to further their educatio

As new and veteran students know, finding affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca can be frustrating due to the total number of people looking for housing. Granted there are a fair number of available units and if you reserve early, you can get the perfect place to call home.

Student Apartment Rentals in Ithaca

Although it is often thought to be preferred, renting an apartment just for yourself can be quite expensive, lonely and rough going if you're a new student. In order to cut costs, college attendees are preferring to share housing with friends – whether one or as many as 6. 

PJ Apartments has many student apartment rentals near Ithaca Collegetown that will suit groups of students who wish to share expenses and responsibilities in their housing. Our units range from one to five bedroom apartments, and also full houses.

We pride ourselves in offering affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca that are safe and well-maintained. Most of our apartments are within a very short (2-3 minute) walk to Cornell and also we have furnished units. Please be sure to take a look at our Properties. Our web pages will show you photos, amenities, locations, and pricing.

When you are looking for student apartment rentals in Ithaca, this is the first place you should look. With over 300 students renting properties from us, you can be assured that we are committed to providing each and every one of you excellent housing in some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Ithaca.

Enjoying Ithaca and Surrounding Areas

In your free time, you are sure to want to explore all the area has to offer, and you really should take the time to check out the beauty of Ithaca. The gorges, waterfalls and nature trails are a huge attraction and just steps away from the main campus.

The scenery and experience will take your breath away. Get together with a friend or two and hike through some of these beautiful areas. Don't forget to take pictures.

Then, of course, there is the history center and Johnson Museum of Art, restaurants, pubs, theater, clubs, Cornell Botanic Gardens and a host of other amazing activities and places to visit.

You are sure to find students throughout the Cornell campus lounging and relaxing on the lovely grounds. They spend a lot of their free time playing frisbee, hanging out with friends, doing activities together and belonging to clubs or organizations that spark their passions.

Once you get settled on the apartment you want, make your reservation, you can get down to exploring and enjoying Ithaca. PJ Apartments offers affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca, modern, clean and furnished to suit your needs.

Get together with a friend or six, and join our family of happy tenants. We look forward to welcoming you to Ithaca and want to make sure your experience here is perfect.


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