Beautiful Scenic Attractions Near Collegetown in Ithaca, NY

As we approach the summer months, the semester is coming to an end and students are eager to enjoy the lovely summer weather. Ithaca is home to some of the greatest environmental attractions in the state through its hiking trails, waterfalls, and parks.  If you are living in apartment near collegetown, you can enjoy all of the luminous and scenic views through the various parks and other attractions in Ithaca. Some of the major attractions to spend time exploring in Ithaca include:

Cascadilla Gorge Hiking Trails               

The Cascadilla gorge is a truly stunning display of Ithaca’s beauty through its rocks, water, and trees. The gorge drops 400 feet from campus into downtown Ithaca carving through bedrock, shale, siltstone and sandstone. This gorgeous attraction has carved its way so deep that sedimentary rocks are exposed that were deposited approximately 400 million years ago. The Gorge is accompanied by a trail that runs alongside and can be accessed from multiple locations in Cornell and downtown Ithaca.

Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a regionally active park that has a several pavilions, tennis courts, a playground with several play structures including a carousel, athletic fields, a duck pond, a spray pool, a municipal golf course, and a bird sanctuary. The park is located at the southern tip of Cayuga lake and offers access to the waterfront. Various trees surround this park offering environmentalist a heathy reason to come and explore the diversity of trees located around the park.

Cass Park

Cass Park is another great attraction for various outdoor activities. The park is located at 701 Taughannock Blvd. in Ithaca. Inside the park, there is an ice rink, swimming pool, 4 tennis courts, 32 athletic fields, playground equipment, an exercise trail, and a large picnic pavilion. The park itself is very open with lots of space to let your kids, family and pets all have a great time. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that in order to have access to the swimming pool and ice rinks, you must either acquire a season pass or pay upon arrival for a one-day pass.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

Buttermilk Falls State Park has two sections, the upper and lower parts. The upper parks has a small lake, picnic areas, playing fields, and hiking trails in the woodlands and along the gorge. The gorge flows down a steep valley and flows into Cayuga Lake. At the lower park, there is a campground, playing fields, and a natural swimming pool formed by the buttermilk falls itself.

If you are staying in off-campus housing in Ithaca for the summer, we hope you take advantage and check out some of these gorgeous attractions.


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