Cornell Rental Offering Unique Features

Finding an Ithaca apartment for rent where the staff is devoted to continuously working to improve the interior and exterior of their properties is sometimes a difficult feat for Cornell students. At PJ Apartments, we pride ourselves in taking care of all aspects of our buildings and summer time is the perfect time to make improvements.

Every year, our staff works extremely hard throughout the summer to maintain each property so our tenants can have the best experience possible. Here at PJ Apartments, our porches are a big attraction because it is a great place for students to hangout with their friends and enjoy the summer weather. Our staff have been taking the time over the past few weeks to power wash, scrape, sand, and repaint all of our decks.

With great views and comfy futons to relax on, the front porches of our buildings are a great feature to think about when searching for your Cornell rental for next year.  


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