PJ Apartments Offers Affordable Student Housing For Cornell Students

So you want to live off campus this year? Finding affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca is your primary concern as everyone is working on a budget. Colleges give an estimate of off-campus costs and rent, but you do need to pay attention to living within your budget.

Student apartment rentals in Ithaca can be worked into your student loans and don't forget to complete your FAFSA indicating your housing choices. Living off campus can be less expensive than staying in the dorms, but you do need to choose wisely and be frugal.

Making The Most of Off Campus Housing

PJ Apartments is a well-established landlord that caters specifically to Cornell students and staff for all their housing needs. Our units are meticulously maintained, safe, furnished with all major furniture, and the neighborhoods are within walking distance of the campus.

Finding affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca just got easier. You can first start by browsing through our available units which are suitable for single students and up to a group of students who want to share expenses.

With nearly 52% of undergraduate students and 91% of graduate students living off campus, Cornell neighborhoods are brimming with a wide variety of people and students. You will find ample opportunities to connect with others if you so desire.

Off campus housing is the obvious choice for many students as they continue their college education here in Ithaca, Although there can be some pitfalls in off-campus housing, PJ Apartments wants to help you make the best choice for your personal needs.

Living in one of our well-maintained and apportioned units will bring you (and your family) peace of mind that you are in a safe, secured, and clean apartment or house. Our rentals include heat, hot/cold water, cooking gas, laundry, internet, trash and recycling and many with off street parking.

Tenant pays for electric lights and outlets only. There are a few units where landlord also pays electric lights and outlets.

Student Apartment Rentals in Ithaca

Now that you've decided to live in your own apartment or share with friends and have obtained financial backing to pay for your housing, this is the time to be looking for apartment rentals in Ithaca for the 2017-2018 semesters.

As you can imagine, there are many students (and staff) seeking living quarters and there are times that the demand exceeds the availability. We strongly encourage you to talk with us first, look at our upcoming availabilities and make reservations for your new home away from home.

Freshman typically need to live on campus, but after that, you are free to make other choices. This first year gives new students to the area a chance to get acclimated, connect with new friends and old, adjust to the surroundings, learn about different neighborhoods and activities, plus feel at home in the area.

As a second-year undergraduate or later, you are probably well ready to fly the dorm nest and forge out on your own. PJ Apartments can help you find the right place at the right price and get you ready to experience a new lifestyle.

Contact us and speak to one of our staff members to get started. We offer affordable student housing in Collegetown near Cornell for students here and look forward to welcoming you to the family.

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