PJ Apartments in Ithaca the Place to Stay in College town

Ithaca's second “city” features some of the most wonderful aspects of Up-State New York and caters to the college students who call this place home. Student apartment rentals in Ithaca can be hard to come by, but not if you plan ahead.

You've either lived the dorm life and are done with that experience, or don't even want to try it. This is when finding affordable apartment rentals in Collegetown becomes a strong consideration. Remember, though, not all apartment rentals are created the same. It takes some planning and asking the right questions.

PJ Apartments in Ithaca

At PJ Apartments, we want to take the guess work out of your housing search. All our properties are expertly managed by full-time staff 24/7. We have everything from studios to whole houses – one bedrooms to five-plus bedrooms.

No matter whether you are renting for yourself alone or with a group of other students, we have the affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca that will make you feel right at home.

What about furniture, you ask?  Many apartment rentals require you to provide all your own furniture, but at PJ Apartments we make this a bit easier for you.

The common space of each unit is furnished to fit the space. Living rooms may have sectional sofas or couches, a coffee table and end tables, table lamps, and a dining room table and chairs. If your building has a porch, we also provide outdoor furniture such as black futons, occasional chairs and dining table and chairs. Each tenant is provided with a full size bed, dresser, desk and desk chair.

If you would prefer to bring your own bed, we can accommodate your needs. However, we cannot accommodate moving furniture out of the common space or bedrooms to allow you to bring in your own furniture. You may bring small items such as a bedside table, small bookcase etc. Please note: any large piece of furniture including beds, must be approved prior to moving in.

Affordable Apartment Rentals in Ithaca

Before getting ready to locate affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca, be sure you've worked out your budget and living arrangement plans. If you have a friend or a few who would like to share expenses with you, get their confirmation that they will join you in searching and leasing an apartment. Once you have these items in place, it's time to start looking.

Be prepared to sign a lease, provide first month's rent and a security deposit. There is some parking available to students, though some require an additional fee. 

Parking at some of our popular locations include street parking as well. DeWitt Place is a private street with houses on one side of the street and lots of parking on the other (see a photo of Dewitt on the carousel). We provide you with a decal which you place on the rear windscreen of your vehicle. We can then make sure that all vehicles parked on the street are legally allowed to park there. Parking is available, although somewhat limited, for residents of William Street and Highland Place, paid by a one-time payment of $995 for the year. There is also a large Cornell lot located behind Highland Place with access from Williams Street.

Student apartment rentals in Ithaca provide the best off-campus housing options for many students. As you go about town looking at potential places, please keep in mind what items are included in your rentals. Here at PJ Apartments, we provide:

 All of our apartments and houses include the following utilities and services:

Heat, hot/cold water, cooking gas, laundry, internet, trash and recycling and many with off street parking.

Tenant pays for electric lights and outlets only. There are a few units where landlord also pays electric lights and outlets.

All of our properties located on DeWitt Place and E. Buffalo Street include off street parking.

Off street parking for Williams Street and Highland Place is available at an annual fee of $995. (Limited number of spaces available so you had best to reserve one when you sign your lease).

111, 113 and 115 DeWitt Place and 516 and 715 E. Buffalo Street, tenant pays all utilities. Landlord pays for trash and recycling.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ithaca and your exciting adventure here in the area. Contact us directly to view available properties and let us help you get situated!

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