Collegetown Apartments that Give Back to the Ithaca Community!

Are you living in a Collegetown apartment and looking for an active way to get involved in the Ithaca community? PJ Apartments enjoys participating in initiatives that support our community. A great way to get involved is the upcoming Tough Turtle Challenge on April 21st At the Ithaca Children’s Garden. 

The Tough Turtle is a 5K obstacle course that goes along the Cayuga Waterfront and Black Diamond Trails on the south shore of Cayuga Lake. The challenge is intended to be a super fun environment for families where teams works together to complete the 30 plus challenges along the course. Participants will crawl, spring, and slide through the different obstacles pushing their body and getting muddy! They also have a Tough Turtle Jr. that supports younger children to give them a chance to play and learn at the same time.

PJ Apartments is very excited about this annual event, because all of the proceeds from the event go directly to maintaining the Ithaca Children’s Garden. The garden provides a free learn and play center for all the local children to enjoy. A few of our staff members will be there participating, so if you see them be sure to say hello. 

If you are living in an apartment in Ithaca, NY, don’t miss this awesome opportunity to get involved in supporting the Ithaca community!


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