Leaving Your Collegetown Apartment in Ithaca, NY at the End of Your Lease

The end of the academic year at Cornell is approaching and many tenants at PJ Apartments are beginning to prepare for the end of their lease at their Ithaca apartment. If you are leaving your apartment at the end of this month, there are some things you should be aware of when leaving to eliminate the possibility of losing a portion of your security deposit.

1. Should your carpets and/or upholstery need to be cleaned, the carpet cleaning company charge not by the hour but by the job.  Taking care of any stains on your carpets should be address before you leave your apartment. 

2. Make sure to thoroughly clean the following: inside appliances, inside and under refrigerator drawers, tubs/showers, toilets, all floor surfaces, cabinet shelves, counter tops, and windows.

3. Vacuum everywhere – including under your bed, desk, and other furniture.

4. Dust the following: window sills, baseboards, window blinds, cabinet shelves, and all furniture. Don't forget any cobwebs in the corners of rooms.

5. Dispose of all trash in your designated trash area and do not leave it in the apartment. 
6. Finally, please don't forget to return all keys to the office.  The return of the first key signifies that the tenant is turning the apartment back over to the Landlord.  

You may drop keys off in the office mailbox in an envelope labeled with your name and apartment address.

Everyone here at PJ Apartments wishes all of our tenatns a great summer and we hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us this academic year and made many unforgetable memories in your collegetown apartment rental.  To those of you who are graduating, we wish you every success for the future.  

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