Helping Feral Kittens in Collegetown Find a New Home

Collegetown in Ithaca, is one of many places that has an abundance feral cats. At PJ Apartments, we often find them roaming the streets around our collegetown rentals.

Over the past couple of weeks, we noticed that there was an adorable new litter of mostly white baby kittens under the back porch of 102 Highland Place. They were so small and only a few weeks old. In the picture above, you can see one of the baby kittens hanging out underneath the steps of the porch.

Our staff cares a lot about the safety and health of these baby kittens because it can be hard for them to survive in the wild, especially during the winter. In order to protect them, we contacted Browncoat Cat Rescue...Someone must have seen these kittens, perhaps a tenant and called the SPCA who then contacted us. The SPCA successfully trapped the kittens and are in the process of finding them homes.

We are proud to work with these organizations because they have helped us save many other litters of kittens and cats around our Cornell off-campus housing.

If you happen to find any litters of feral cats underneath your porch or around our properties, or any cats that you think are homeless, please let us know or contact the SPCA.

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