How to Keep Your Collegetown Apartment in Ithaca Free of Bugs

During the summer, it can be very hot and our collegetown rentals in Ithaca need ventilation.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to prevent bugs from invading your apartment.

If you want to keep your windows open during the summer, make sure you have screens that are securely fastened to prevent anything from getting in. Keeping windows open without screens makes it easy for bugs to travel in and out of the apartment.

Also, frequently take your garbage to the trash areas and make sure dishes don’t pile up in the sink. Allowing waste to build up, will supply bugs with a food source. If you give them this opportunity, they can lay eggs in your apartment and create all sorts of infestations.

Giving suggestions on how our tenants can keep their homes bug free is important to us. Letting bugs get into an apartment not only impacts our tenants, but can create problems for us as well.

We hope our tenants take this advice and use these tips to reduce the chances of allowing bugs to enter our apartments near Cornell University.

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