Now is the Time for Cornell University Students to start looking for Apartment Rentals for Next Semester

A new semester is approaching and many students have registered to attend college here this coming year. Ithaca is a thriving, vibrant and active community with a fantastic mix of college students, families and young professionals.

Cornell University students are very involved in college activities and community interests. The area boasts many well-known shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums. And lest we forget, the outdoor activities year round are superb. No matter what activities you enjoy, Ithaca has something just for you.

Living Off Campus

Returning students and upper classmen have notoriously found dorm living to be difficult at best. With the new semester here shortly, perhaps this would be the perfect time to be looking for affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca near Collegetown.

It is well known that dorm living (living on campus) has many pitfalls and costs. Although it may seem the easier way to go and be able to roll all your necessities into one price, if you are using student loans, the final price tag tends to be quite expensive.

Cornell University students find that opting to live off campus has many benefits. Ithaca Collegetown apartment rentals fulfill the needs of many people moving into the area. This may be your first opportunity to branch out on your own and enjoy a new found independence. When you live off campus, you quickly become part of a different community that enhances your college experience and leads you into adult life gently.

Living off campus provides you with safe and quieter accommodations, more space, privacy (no more sharing a tiny dorm room), ability to live alone or to actually choose friends that will get along. There are no curfews and food options become so much wider. Yes, you do need to grocery shop and cook your own meals, but consider the options. Surely you've become tired of the cafeteria or dining hall choices. Not much like your mother's, is it?

PJ Apartments offers excellent student apartment rentals in Ithaca. Our properties are not only well-maintained, but are often historic buildings that we have purchased and remodeled. Each building is closely situated to Cornell and within walking distance. This is extremely helpful to those of you who might tend to be running late in the morning.  A quick skip to campus and you will be on time for classes.

Get Involved Locally

The University offers a myriad of outside activities from sports, clubs, study groups, music, and other similar activities. Your neighborhood where you choose to live may also be a close knit group of people who participate in local activities and are your best resources for things to do in Ithaca.

As you spend more time here in Collegetown, you will come to appreciate all the opportunities that are available. You and your friends will enjoy attending University activities, heading off to a local mountain for a splendid day of skiing, touring the outlying towns and taking in the scenery. 

We hope you will consider our student apartment rentals in Ithaca when you choose to attend University here.

PJ Apartments

is a well-known management company who has been providing affordable student housing in Ithaca for many years. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to reserve your preferred housing for the coming semester.  Please be sure to review our available properties and leasing information on our website.


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