Moving into Your New Collegetown Apartment

We are extremely excited to welcome all of our new tenants who have arrived for the academic year. Our team has worked extremely hard to get all of our college town apartments ready for the beginning of your lease.

It is also thrilling for us to announce the addition of another manager, Zach, who will be working alongside Nicole to help make all of our tenants experiences at PJ Apartments unforgettable. Since the beginning of our leases have begun, there is some general information we would like to pass along that our tenants may find helpful.

-Maintenance - This week our maintenance staff are performing full checks on all of the apartments to ensure that they will be all set moving forward. Here at PJ Apartments, our maintenance staff are on call 24/7 for urgent issues including no hot water, heat, water leaks, etc. If you are experiencing one of these issues it is important that you call the maintenance number immediately at (607)-793-0611.

-Trash and Recycling -  All around our properties there are various garbage areas with plenty of recycling bins and trash cans for your convenience. Every Tuesday we have our trash removal company pick up all of the garbage and recyclables.

-Painting Porches - We want to let you all know that our staff will be coming around to all of the houses to paint the porches to give the houses an overall fresh look.

-Snow Removal - During the winter months all of our sidewalks and stairways are shoveled and salted so that students can freely move around without any safety hazards. In addition, Dewitt Place is plowed by a company we contract with to make sure cars can easily go in and out.

Having a fun and motivated staff on site is imperative to us and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to all of our tenants living in our Cornell off campus housing.

Once again, we welcome all of you and are extremely excited about this upcoming academic year. Feel free to get in touch with us through our email at or by office phone at (607)-277-0910 if you need anything at all.


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