New Unit Renovations to Cornell Off-Campus Housing

This summer, PJ Apartments has been working on an amazing new renovation to 117 Dewitt Place. We strive to provide the best possible places for rent in Ithaca and this renovation is our newest project. We are proud of our work and look forward to opening it for rent as soon as the project is completed.  

Right next to Cascadilla Gorge, this apartment will be located on the first floor and garden level. High ceilings, large windows, spacious bedrooms and an enormous living room will be focal points of the apartment. Since the house is located at the end of Dewitt Place, it makes it feel as if you are in the woods, but it is truly in the city.

Of our Collegetown apartments, the 117 Dewitt Place renovation will be one of the best we have to offer. This apartment will have 5 bedrooms and fit as many as 8 tenants. The apartment will have 4 bathrooms, 3 of which are private, and a fully equipped kitchen. Renting for the apartment is scheduled to begin for the 2019-2020 academic year.

A lot of hard work from our staff has gone into this renovation as we have made it a priority project. We are very excited to open this apartment to those looking for Ithaca apartments. We are looking forward to introducing this newly renovated apartment to tenants in the near future.    

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