PJ Apartments Has Many Affordable Apartments Near Ithaca's Collegetown

Here in Ithaca we pride ourselves on serving our new and returning students and faculty with the most affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca. With the fall semester underway, we know there can be some changes needing to be made and we have Ithaca Collegetown apartment rentals to suit your needs. Perhaps you didn't realize that living off campus was an option this year.  Perhaps you had a plan to room with some friends and that didn't turn out as you'd hoped. Perhaps you are transferring into the Ithaca area and need housing. Regardless, PJ Apartments is here to help you get settled quickly.

Our efforts have been in the renovation of classic and historical buildings for student apartment rentals in the Ithaca Collegetown area. Each unit is beautifully furnished and maintained for your comfort.  And to top it off, all our units are one block from Cornell.

What PJ Apartments Offers You

What does that mean for you?  Ease of access to college, no need to have to drive from your apartment to school and hope to find a parking space, plus a very short amount of time to get to class.  

As you browse through our available apartments on our PROPERTIES page, you will see that each unit comes with full photos and descriptions.  

The common space of each unit is furnished to fit the space. Living rooms may have sectional sofas or couches, a coffee table and end tables, table lamps, and a dining room table and chairs. If your building has a porch, we also provide outdoor furniture such as black futons, occasional chairs and dining table and chairs. Each tenant is provided with a full size bed, dresser, desk and desk chair.

If you would prefer to bring your own bed, we can accommodate your needs. However, we cannot accommodate moving furniture out of the common space or bedrooms to allow you to bring in your own furniture. You may bring small items such as a bedside table, small bookcase etc. Please note: any large piece of furniture including beds, must be approved prior to moving in.

Our maintenance staff remove the snow and put down salt from stairs and walkways to your building. They also shovel snow from the city sidewalk. We do not shovel snow from around your car if you have a parking space with us. Bags of salt are also placed at the front door of each building so that in severe weather, you may sprinkle salt if necessary.

We employ a garbage removal company to take care of removing all of your trash and recycling on a weekly basis. Please ensure that you separate your recycling from your garbage and place these items in the appropriate bins. We have several garbage and recycling storage areas. Contact the office when you move in to find out exactly which location you should use. The city of Ithaca is very strict with respect to improper garbage disposal and they will issue garbage violations if: garbage is found in bags but not placed in garbage cans, garbage of any kind is found around the exterior of the property, even garbage bags on the front porch.

Reserve Your Ithaca Collegetown Apartment Today

We know that moving to a new area can be daunting. Our presence here in Ithaca is long-standing and our knowledge of the area is available to help you get comfortable. Call us today at 607-277-0910  to set up a tour or to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and getting your off-campus housing needs settled in order that you can fully enjoy all that Ithaca has to offer.

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