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The Collegetown Rental Market in Ithaca, NY


The beautiful city of Ithaca in the Finger lakes region is home to so many amazing people.  There is an extremely diverse and colorful population of 30,000.  Each year that population grows by another 30,000 when the two large universities return for the year.  These two great schools are Cornell University and Ithaca College.  The college students bring so much life to the community as well as the economy each year, that we are so grateful to have them.  Here at our Cornell off-campus housing company, our business revolves on providing wonderful housing experiences to Cornell students.


The neighborhood of Collegetown is where a majority of Cornell students call home while attending the University.  It is also where the majority of students live off-campus.  There is a wide range of houses, multi-family units, apartments, and high-rise buildings that all cater to the student population. Most students at some point in their college career get to experience this market.  There are many housing companies that offer their services to students. The important thing is to know which one to choose. Consistently ranked in the best student housing companies in Ithaca is PJ Apartments in Collegetown.

Why PJ?

Location, quality, and level of attention and care are just some of the characteristics that make us special at PJ Apartments.  We specialize in restoring beautiful historic homes in Collegetown for Cornell students.  We offer a level of individual care and attention to our tenants and prospective tenants that is unparalleled.  Each year we are so happy to host close to 300 students in our houses.  Our houses contain beautifully furnished apartments near Cornell.  The experience of living in a house is like no other.  One of our goals is to make all of our tenants feel at home while they are away at school!  So please reach out to us today so we can make your experience a great one!


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