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What kind of deposit is required to sign the lease?

To fully execute the lease, we require a security deposit which is equal to one month’s rent.

If there’s more than one person on the lease, are we all responsible?

Yes. All of our leases are joint and several which means that all named tenants on the lease are each responsible for all of the terms of the lease.

Is subletting permitted?

You may sublet your apartment or room for the fall or spring semester and for the summer if you wish. Please remember that you are responsible for your sublettor and you are also responsible for continuing to paying the rent; your sublettor should reimburse you. Just as you have a legal contract with us to rent the unit, you need to have a legal contract with your sublettor. We recommend that you make an addendum which you should reference on the last page of your lease (6) stating Sublettor Addendum.

Create the addendum by compiling the following information: Sublettor’s name, address, email address and phone number. Also document the same information for your sublettor’s parents. We need to have an emergency contact number for them while they are living in the building. Note on this addendum the terms of your agreement stating the dates that the sublettor will be there, the amount of rent to be paid and also very importantly, please take a security deposit. If they damage the apartment, the cost to repair will be deducted from your security deposit so you need to make sure that you are financially covered if they do any damage. Once this document has been completed, please provide us with a copy to keep on file. All proposed sublettors must be approved (email is acceptable) by all members of your group prior to taking occupancy.

Please remember that subletting is not permitted during winter break or from May 15th to May 31st.

How is the security deposit paid?

The security deposit can be paid by personal check, bank check or money order. All financial payments must be paid in US Dollars, drawn on a US. bank. Please make checks out to:

PJ Apartments
P.O Box 218
Ithaca New York 14851

How is rent paid?

Rent may be paid as above, the security deposit section. Rent may also be paid online though our tenant portal and we will invite you to sign up for that, once you are our tenant.

Is off-street parking available?

Dewitt Place is a private street with houses on one side of the street and lots of parking on the other (see a photo of Dewitt on the carousel). We provide you with a decal which you place on the rear windshield of your vehicle. We can then make sure that all vehicles parked on the street are legally allowed to park there. Parking is available, although somewhat limited, for residents of William Street and Highland Place, paid by a one-time payment of $1,800 for the year. There is also a large Cornell lot located behind Highland Place with access from Williams Street.

What furniture is provided?

The common space of each unit is furnished to fit the space. Living rooms may have sectional sofas or couches, a coffee table and end tables, table lamps, and a dining room table and chairs. If your building has a porch, we also provide outdoor furniture such as black futons, occasional chairs and dining table and chairs. Each tenant is provided with a full size bed, dresser, desk and desk chair. If you would prefer to bring your own bed, we can accommodate your needs. However, we cannot accommodate moving furniture out of the common space or bedrooms to allow you to bring in your own furniture. You may bring small items such as a bedside table, small bookcase etc. Please note: any large piece of furniture including beds, must be approved prior to moving in.

If something isn’t right with the apartment/house, when is maintenance available?

We provide a 24-hour emergency maintenance service. The number is 607-793-0611. Please do not email an important / emergency situation as we do not have the ability to check emails late in the evening; always call the maintenance number. Normal maintenance is conducted Monday to Friday, during normal business hours. Please remember, it is your responsibility under the covenants of your lease to promptly report any deleterious or life safety issues.

If something breaks, do we have to pay for it?

If you or any of your guests break something in the apartment such as a table or window then yes, you do have to pay for it. You do not have to pay for the repair of appliances unless you damage them.

When are security deposits returned?

We are required by law to return security deposits within 14 days of the end of your lease. Should there be any deductions due to cleaning or repair, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown and receipts. Although you are paying your security deposit individually, if there are several of you signing the lease, we will return the group security deposit for the unit to your one, designated person. The reason for this is that we don’t know who didn’t clean and / or who damaged this or that and so we leave all of that for you to work out.

Is snow removal covered under the lease?

Yes. Our maintenance staff remove the snow and put down salt from stairs and walkways to your building. They also shovel snow from the city sidewalk. We do not shovel snow from around your car if you have a parking space with us. Bags of salt are also placed at the front door of each building so that in severe weather, you may sprinkle salt if necessary.

How is trash and recycling handled?

We employ a garbage removal company to take care of removing all of your trash and recycling on a weekly basis. Please ensure that you separate your recycling from your garbage and place these items in the appropriate bins. We have several garbage and recycling storage areas. Contact the office when you move in to find out exactly which location you should use. The city of Ithaca is very strict with respect to improper garbage disposal and they will issue garbage violations if: garbage is found in bags but not placed in garbage cans, garbage of any kind is found around the exterior of the property, even garbage bags on the front porch.

What about air conditioning?

You may bring window air conditioners if you wish. Maintenance staff must install them for you to make sure that the water from the unit is properly directed away from the building.

Are tenants allowed to hang things on the walls?

You can hang things on the wall as long as you only use small tacks. Please do not use any tape or sticky putty of any kind as these adhesives will rip the sheet rock paper and the repair is very time consuming and therefore costly; to you. We do not permit installation of flat screen TV’s, installing shelving or hanging drapes etc. without our permission.

Lease 2024-2025

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Addendum Lead Based Paint

Click here to download a copy of the 2024-2025 Addendum Lead Based Paint.


Landlord Pays the Electricity Bill

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Important phone numbers

Office (607) 277-0910
Emergency Maintenance (607) 793-0611
NYSEG 1 (800) 572-1111
Fiberspark (ISP) (607) 383-0595
Ithaca Fire (607) 272-1234
Ithaca Police (607) 272-9973
Cornell Police (607) 255-1111
Emergency 911