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I worked with the staff recently in looking for apartments for the 2019-2020 school year. They were professional, attentive, and thoroughly competent. In the office, Nicole answered all of our questions (as she had on the phone earlier in the week as we scheduled a tour appointment), managed to effectively balance helping several groups of prospective renters, and happily stayed at work until we had made our decisions and finished the paperwork, well past 7 pm. Scott, who took us on our tour, was extremely informative, thorough, and pleasant, and is clearly very familiar with all of the properties in his maintenance role. While my kids will not be moving in until next June, so far I am both impressed and happy with PJ Apartments.

Response from the owner: Thank you so much Paul for the lovely review. I'm very glad that you had such a pleasant experience and we look forward to your kids moving in next year. Pam.

by Paul Metzloff - Fall 2018

Management is amazing!

Response from the owner: Thank you!

by Daniella Zandi - Fall 2018

I love PJ Apartments. I've been renting from them for over two years now, and they've always been kind, responsive to problems, and fair. They take very good care of their properties inside and out, and I really appreciate having a 24-hour emergency maintenance number to call when something comes up. I've had such a consistently good experience that now I wouldn't rent from anybody else in Ithaca.

Response from owner: That's amazing Emily. Thanks so much for your review. Best wishes, Nicole.

by Emily Mercurio - Summer 2018

Was a tennant for 2 years and had an excellent experience. Very professional staff and I would reccomend them to a friend.

Response from the owner: Thank you very much for the nice review Kyler. Best wishes for all your future endeavors. Pam.

by Kyler Ruvane - Summer 2018

I really appreciated having an apartment so close to Cornell campus. Sidewalks would be cleared during snowy and icy weather, which was really important to me safety-wise. Great, accessible staff with a quick response time for requests. Overall a great experience!

Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. Yes, snow and ice in Ithaca is no mean feat, especially since you had a lot of steps to your porch! Hope your summer and future plans are going as you'd hoped. Thank you for being such a great tenant. Best wishes, Pam.

by Laryssa Shipley - Summer 2018

I was a tenant for 2 years. Very friendly and attentive staff, even when we had weird issues in our house they were always able to respond pretty quickly. Also, our units and those of friends who also rented here were very nice, well furnished, and generally well maintained for a Ctown house. I can tell you from my experience that Pam, Nicole, and the rest of the staff offer a great renting experience in Ctown.

Response from the owner: Adam, Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice review. I'm very glad you had a great couple of years with us. You had enough to contend with being students at Cornell and a pleasant housing experience, especially in your final year; good to hear. I hope everything is going great with your summer and plans for your future now that you've graduated. Best wishes, Pam.

by Adam Gleisner - Summer 2018