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Rent A 1 Bedroom Apartment Near Cornell

1 Bedroom

Here at PJ Apartments, we have more 1-bedroom and studio apartments than anything else. That is often the most requested size apartment.  The reason 1-bedrooms and studios are so popular is that many students just want that sense of privacy.  With the rigorous workload that Cornell demands, it really helps to have peace and quiet.  This way you can focus on your school work.  Our student apartment rentals in Collegetown provide just that, a sanctuary that you can call home.  You can still go out and spend time with your friends but you get that alone time too.


All Cornell student snow have to spend their first two years living on campus.  This is either in a dorm, townhouse, fraternity, or sorority.  This is an important experience and stepping stone as you enter college life.  As fun as the dorms are there is no greater feeling than moving out into your own apartment and living on your own.  There you get privacy.  You have your own kitchen, shower, and bathroom.  These are small things that you may have taken for granted but feel great once you move out onto your own.  Living in your own Cornell collegetown apartment gives you that ultimate sense of privacy.


Maybe you are living on campus this year?  Or could you be off-campus but are looking to change your living arrangements for next year?  What’s great is we are offering tours and showing now for 2023-2024.  We have a lot of students who have begun inquiring about living arrangements for next year.  If you know that you will be living off-campus, now is the time to start to look.  Feel free to email us at  From there we will work with you on finding an ideal Cornell off-campus housing arrangement for next year.  Do not wait any longer!

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