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4 Bedroom Apartments Near Cornell

4 Friends

A really common number we see in student housing is four.  A group of four friends who have lived together in the dorms or from the same fraternity or sorority or club or organization.  Maybe you have a group of 4 that you met in class doing a project or friends from your hometown who happen to go to Cornell.  Well if you have this number in your group we have some great student apartment rentals in Collegetown for you!  Whether you want to rent a cozy apartment by yourself or with a group of friends, PJ Apartments is the place for you.


We pride ourselves here at PJ Apartments on providing very high-quality apartments for rent near Cornell.  Our houses are all considered historic and were constructed years ago.  But we continuously work hard over the years doing renovations and constantly improving our quality.  From painting exteriors to interiors, to replacing and updating our furniture and appliances.  Inspecting and replacing our boilers, and checking our plumbing and electrical.  What this equates to is quality and updated apartments for our tenants.


So if you are looking to move into a beautiful house with your friends, reach out and contact us today.  This experience of living in a house with your closest friends or classmates is one that is so unique and priceless.  We still have a nice handful of 4 bedroom apartments as well as many other sizes for rent.  So apartments for rent for 2022-2023 in Collegetown are available.  Email us at and we can work with you and your group individually to find the best place for you.  Whether you are going into junior or senior year, our apartments will allow you to enjoy your college experience!

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