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When choosing student housing you want to make it the easiest transition possible.  Whether you are moving from an apartment already or the dorms, less is more.  Specifically, that has to do with furniture and furnishings.  You want to be able to take your clothes, electronics, and not much else.  No need to move a bed or couch or desk through the steep hills of Collegetown.  At PJ Apartments we have beautifully furnished apartments in Collegetown.  We provide all of our tenants with full-size beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, couches or futons, dining room tables, coffee tables, and tv stands.  These quality furnishings make your search for a new apartment so much easier.


A right of passage as a student in college is moving from on-campus to off-campus.  You will be going from the dorms on campus to a beautiful Cornell off-campus apartment.  Moving into the neighborhood of Collegetown during your junior and senior years is so important.  That is what for over 20 years we at PJ Apartments have been providing, this transition from on to off-campus, for Cornell students.  We take the stress off of living off-campus by providing furnishings and having a full-time maintenance staff on hand.  Our apartments have all that you need to thrive while being a student at Cornell.

PJ Apartments

A name that is synonymous with renting in Collegetown is PJ Apartments.  Our company has been renting to Cornell students for well over 20 years.  That equates to thousands of students both current and many former, that have lived in our houses.  So if you hear the phrase Cornell Collegetown apartments you may have heard of us.  If you haven’t please take a look at our website and scroll through our properties.  The best way to find out more is to email us directly at  We work one on one with everyone that emails us to help them find the perfect fit.  Do not wait any longer for your housing, contact us today!


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