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Collegetown, Ithaca in the Summer

Summer in Collegetown

Collegetown, Ithaca is a lot quieter in the summer than any other time of the year.  A majority of students have moved out by June 1st.  But Cornell and Collegetown is not empty.  There are still plenty of students that stay in Ithaca for the Summer.  Most by now are in their respective off-campus housing apartments.  A majority of leases with PJ Apartments, a premier student housing company in Collegetown, leases begin in June.  We do have some leases that begin in August as well for students who like to spend the summer in there respective states and countries.   A really nice thing PJ Apartments does is we allow the option for our tenants to sublet their apartments for the summer.

What do students do?

Our tenants that stay in Collegetown over the summer do a variety of things.  Of course there are summer classes.  You can get ahead and get some much needed credits over the summer.  The advantage is smaller classes in less time than a traditional semester.  Our tenants take part in internships as well.  This is a great chance and opportunity to get credit towards your major doing an internship.  Student like to take a summer job in Ithaca, or at Cornell.  What does every college kid need and want, money.  Well there is a lot of opportunity between service jobs and retail all over town to make some during the summer.

Summers in Ithaca

It would be hard to argue that the most beautiful time of year in Ithaca is the summer.  Between hiking, swimming holes, waterfalls, gorges, the lake, parks, rivers, and everything else in between the options for outdoor activity are endless.  If you are staying in one of our apartments you are close to campus but not far from so many fun activities.  You can fill each day with a new trip to a gorge or swimming hole.  Have a picnic or BBQ at Stewart Park.  You can go up to campus to watch the sunset on the slope.  At the end of the day you will land in your apartment in a historic home in Collegetown.

Get Ahead on Housing for 2022-2023

You can have all next summer to enjoy everything Collegetown and Ithaca have to offer.    Please email us today at:  We can help you secure your housing for next year, now!  You will have all the benefits of living close to campus and close to downtown Ithaca as well.  Don’t wait!

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