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Cornell 2022-2023 Semester Kicks Off

3 weeks left

Well, not just quite yet.  It is only August 1st and the summer is still going strong. There is plenty of summertime left before classes begin!  The reality is though in 3 weeks from today classes kick-off.  It is always bittersweet, as the summer ends but an exciting new year at school begins.  Well, it’s probably more bitter than sweet, but it is still exciting!  A new semester and a new year bring so many experiences that are the fabric of the college experience.  Collegetown is slowly filling back up and so is our student housing in their Cornell collegetown apartments.

2022 is here

As late August begins and so do classes a whole new group of tenants in our student housing begin their journey of off-campus living.  We have many tenants that have renewed and stayed with us now for multiple years and a large batch of fresh faces.  Here at PJ Apartments, we have beautifully renovated historic homes in the heart of Collegetown.  We provide beautifully furnished apartments close to Cornell to a lucky 300 students a year.  You get a great apartment in a house. We get tenants year after year who have lived in these ‘luxury apartment buildings’ who just want to be in a house.

Looking Ahead

Maybe you are living on-campus this year or living somewhere you don’t love.  Well, the good news is we just kicked off renting for 2023-2024!  So now is your chance to secure that place for next year.  For many who can finally move off-campus for the first time. Others may want to live with their group of friends for the senior year we have a place for you.  Take a look at our website:  From there you can get a really good idea of what we offer.  We also have a full-time staff that will work with each person.  So send your inquiries about an apartment to find your ideal off-campus rental in Collegetown.

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