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Cornell Collegetown Apartments for rent, Ithaca


One thing you will most likely experience as a Cornell student is renting an apartment in Collegetown.  It is a really exciting time in your college career.  With the recent change of Cornell’s policy to mandate all students to live on campus until junior year this level of excitement has grown.  Now more than ever students are eager to get off-campus into an affordable student rental in Collegetown.  Here at PJ Apartments our renting season has kicked off in full swing.  The world of renting your very own apartment, many for the first time, awaits!


There is no shortage of options when it comes to renting in Collegetown.  The thing is you have to really vet your options and housing companies.  There is also no shortage of run down and ill maintained places that are eager to attract unsuspecting college students.  The other thing is the increase in the high-rise “luxury” apartment buildings for students.  We have been told by many who have lived in these, that it is the same as living in a dorm.  There is not much peace and quiet and little privacy.  The bets option is to move into a fully furnished house near Cornell.

Why a house?

The experience of living in a house in unmatched.  You really get to make the place your own and get that homey feeling.  All of our houses here at PJ Apartments are beautifully renovated historic houses.  They are very inline with the aesthetic and feel of historic Ithaca and Cornell.  You have your privacy and your peace and quiet which we know is so important with the demanding studies of an Ivy League.  So if you are looking to rent for 2023-2024 please reach out to us to find the perfect house in Ithaca close to Cornell.  You can make your junior or senior years an extra memorable one!

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