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Renting in Collegetown for 2023-2024


Collegetown in Ithaca, NY is the neighborhood that is built up around Cornell University.  Filled with restaurants, bars, coffee and juice places, breweries, and everything else in between.  If you are a student at Cornell this is your place for lunch and dinner and to grab the quick essentials without having to venture down into Ithaca city.  Along with all of these businesses are apartment buildings and loads of houses, many of which are historic.  These places have been home to the majority of students who move into Cornell’s off-campus housing.


At some point in your college career,  you will look for a place to rent in Collegetown.  Navigating this field is fun and exciting.  Sprinkled in you may have some stress and anxiety but overall it is a great time.  You will finally be moving into your very own apartment, many for the first time!  Many others looking for their final apartment while a student at Cornell for senior year.  We can’t forget about our graduate students as well!  Through the process, you will tour and see some student apartment rentals in Collegetown.  You will get to see a wide range of places and a wide range of quality.

PJ Apartments

Here at PJ apartments, we focus on quality in our houses.  We want to give our tenants that great experience of living in their very own apartment in a house.  It takes a lot of work and effort on our end to keep our places looking as good as they do.  We pride ourselves on that. Our service and our product are one that will be memorable to our tenants.  We also are happy to provide affordable student rental near Cornell.  Year after year we fully rent our apartments to a batch of students who get to have a memorable experience living in them.

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