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Cornell Sophomores: Renting in Collegetown

Fall Break

Fall break is already here and it is starting this weekend for Cornell.  To say the fall semester flies by is an understatement!  Once fall break ends the semester is already half over.  Time moves very quickly for students this time of year. If you are currently a sophomore at Cornell, take a minute to think about next year.  Between school work and prelims, it is easy to lose sight of what’s next.  But now is a crucial time to look for your off-campus housing in Collegetown for next year!  The sophomores are just starting to look. Do not wait until the Spring, it is wise to act now.

Where to begin?

You will want to start researching student apartment rentals near Cornell for 2022-2023.  You can contact us directly at   We personally respond to every email to help you find what you are looking for.  Our inventory of apartments is all affordable student rentals in Collegetown.  We have fully furnished and move-in-ready apartments for you.  This will make your transition from sophomore year to junior year seamless.  Allow yourself some time to inquire and view our apartments so you can secure your housing for next year.

Off-Campus Living

Now that you are required to live on campus sophomore year, the thought of moving out on your own is exciting. You have paid your dues in the dorms and now you can enjoy your privacy and freedom of living in a house.  The college experience only gets better once you move off-campus and into your own apartment in Collegetown.  It is so rewarding and comforting knowing you are on your way to finishing college.  At the same time, you have at least 2 years to enjoy the experience.  Take a look at our website:  We have exceptional quality student housing in Ithaca.

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