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1 Bedroom Apartments in Collegetown

Peace and Quiet

If you have lived in the dorms at Cornell with a roommate or in a house with multiple roommates, maybe you are ready for living on your own.  The peace and quiet of having your very own quality 1 bedroom apartment for rent near Cornell are unmatched.  You can still socialize and be with friends or classmates.  But you can also have your very own slice of serenity and home.  The number one thing you can count on is your apartment being quiet so you can study!  No more distractions like at the dorms or in a bigger house.  Close yourself off to the noise so you can focus on your work and your future!

Waiting to look?

Our advice is for any prospective students who plan on living at a Cornell off-campus apartment next year, is to start their search today.  We have a very nice selection of apartments for rent for the 2022-2023 semester.  You are not too late to start looking now.  What it will do is give you a better chance of finding the best apartment to meet your wants and needs.  The sooner you start looking the quicker you can find that place to call home.  Please email us at today and we can personally help you find your ideal apartment.

2022-2023 is your year!

It is crazy how fast the Fall semester has gone by.  Tomorrow’s classes resume from fall break and the semester is halfway over.  That means that you do not want to wait any longer.  Between classes, studying, tests, clubs, sports, and any other activities the time flies.  So to find your fully furnished apartment in Collegetown for next year, dedicate a few minutes to take a look at our website.  This is a great time to look and secure your housing.  Email us today for affordable student housing near Cornell.

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