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Living in a Collegetown

 Cornell & IC

Cornell University is in an elite class of Ivy League universities in this country.  Ithaca is proud to have both Ivy League Cornell as well as Ithaca College in it.  Ithaca College is consistently ranked in the top ten Universities in the country as well.  So along with these great universities come a great group of students that attend.  Each year the population of Ithaca grows by close to 20,000 amazing students.  We are so proud to be able to house a few hundred of them each year in our Collegetown off-campus housing.  They bring so much to the table and are a great addition to this city and community.

Living in Collegetown

The streets of Collegetown are once again full of students.   Our student apartment rentals near Cornell are all full of students once again.  We are happy the students are back.  It seems they brought great weather with them after a rainy and wet summer.  It has been absolutely beautiful in Ithaca since late August.  Collegetown is a city within a city.  Restaurants, bars, stores, and businesses are there to provide their services to the students living here.  Collegetown has almost everything you need to live and be comfortable at Cornell.  That is what we strive to offer our tenants, comfortable and affordable apartments in Collegetown.

Looking Forward

Life is great when you have something to look forward to.  A number of our tenants are looking forward to commencement and graduating this year.  We have a number of tenants looking forward to a senior year next year.  We also have a good amount of current sophomores looking forward to living in their first Collegetown apartment next year.  If you want to have something to look forward to, go ahead and email us today.  We will try and help you find a great place to live next year.  2024-2025 will be here before we know it.  Inquire today!

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