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Living in Collegetown in 2022


Collegetown Ithaca is a little city within a city. It is a city that was built and developed around Cornell University.  It has shops, coffee, dining, restaurants, bars, and plenty of off-campus apartments near Cornell.  Construction seems to be ongoing throughout Collegetown.  High-rise apartment buildings and storefronts continue to change the landscape.  But nestled away less than one block from all of this construction are some amazing historic houses.  Highland Place, Williams Street, and Dewitt Place are full of beautiful homes that have been staples in Collegetown for many years.  Those houses belong to PJ Apartments.

Feel like your home

“Luxury” apartment buildings are nice.  But they aren’t very homey.  You are still living in a building very similar to a dorm  You have neighbors on the left, neighbors on the right, and neighbors above and below.  You want to be able to experience living in a charming and rustic house.  Yes, there may be a few other apartments in your house, but it won’t be filled with hundreds of other people. You will be living in a beautifully furnished apartment near Collegetown.  A place that will feel like your home away from home.

PJ Apartments

The feeling of living on your own, in a house, is so unique and warming.  Our tenants just love the experience and many have come from the dorms’ or apartment buildings to be able to feel this way. You can start by emailing us today at  TO find your ideal apartments for rent near Cornell please reach out to us today.  We personally answer and work with all of our inquiries to find you what you are looking for.  If you are new to renting or have questions, we are here to answer them and help guide you to find your ideal apartment. 2022 is almost here and we have some great apartments left for rent.

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