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The most important thing about the process of looking for an apartment is it should be fun.  Yes, there is always a little stress and anxiety with the search.  But having fun during the process and finding a place you can really see yourself living is so critical.  When finding a student apartment rental near Cornell you really want a place that is both comfortable and cozy.  Having a fully furnished and well-maintained apartment is a huge plus.  If you take a look through our website: you will see the amazing selection you have.  We have beautiful and historic houses that are fun to live in!


What is also at the top of most renters list is there budget.  Here at PJ we keep our prices super comptetive in oirder to provede affordable student rentals in Collegetown.  The quality of our apartments are what make them so desireable.  If you drive down Williams street right now you can see a number of our houses being completely painted.  The exterior as well as interior are very well taken care of.  We want to preserve these buildings to be able to keep providing a great living experience for our tenants.  We can work off of your budget and show you a variety of options to choose from.


The famous addage you always here is: “location, location, location.”  Our properties at PJ Apartments are all in the heart of Collegetown.  Our Cornell off-campus housing is across the street from the Cascadilla dorms.  You are extremely close to campus.  We also have a more private option.  We have some beatuful houses on Dewitt Place, just 2 blocks from campus.  Here you can still be close but enjoy a very quiet and private street.  In terms of location you cant beat where our properties are located.  Email us today:

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