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Collegetown Apartments for Rent


Living in Ithaca and going to Cornell you will spend most of your time either in Collegetown or on campus.  Why not live as close as possible to campus?  We all know that the weather in Ithaca is tough.  The winters are long, and Cornell is built on top of a huge hill.  Ideally, for a student living off-campus, you want to live in a Collegetown student apartment rental near Cornell.  The houses on Williams Street and Highland Place owned by PJ Apartments are as close as you can get.  These beautiful and historic homes are direct across from the Cascadilla dorms.


A huge part of the college experience is living off-campus.  You want to choose your off-campus housing in Collegetown wisely.  Collegetown is now full of these modern apartment buildings. The thing with that is it is similar to living in the dorms.  You are in a big building with hundreds of other students.  To get that real Cornell experience you want to live in a cozy house.  Every year we get so many students who tried living in these apartment buildings and just wanted that living in a house experience.  So save yourself a year and enjoy a beautiful home today.


The best way to get started in your search is to email us at  Another great way is to take a look at our website:  This way you can get an idea of what you like and we can work with you from there.  We provide affordable student rentals in Collegetown.  Beautiful apartments with so much character.  They just give you that homey feeling.  Our apartments are nice and warm in the winter and well protected from the elements.  They are a place you can call home and enjoy your college experience.  A place to rest, relax, study, and enjoy time with your friends.

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