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Moving & Finals are near, Take a Deep Breath

I know many of the students living in our Collegetown housing are getting ready for a big push at the end of the semester.  This push includes finals, graduation, and moving.  Whether you are moving off-campus, out of your off-campus housing, into new apartments, or back home.  There is a lot going on in the last week of May and the first week of June 2021.   My best piece of advice is to take a deep breath and don’t stress!  One thing that can calm you down is for those who are still looking for off-campus housing we have a few apartments left!  Email us today:

Coordinating End of the Year

Students at Cornell this year and their families will have a lot to coordinate in a few weeks.  This will be the first in-person end-of-year semester since 2019.  Also the first commencement for students since 2019 as well.  Everyone has to be out of the dorms as soon as the last final is over.   On top of all this, there are still Covid travel restrictions and safety measures to consider.   I’m pretty sure everyone on campus is aware of this and the pressure is at a level 10.

Do you have a minute to breathe?

What can you do to ease some of this stress?  You can go outside.  You can take a walk.  You can listen to music.  You can relax and take some deep breaths.  We are having some sun here and there in Ithaca this month.  Try and get that ever so refreshing natural Vitamin D.  Put down your book and your notes for just a few minutes and listen to a song that helps you relax.  Take a walk on campus, cross the Sackett bridge and look at Triphammer Falls or Beebe Lake.  Learning how to take a few minutes to calm down will go a long way.  Walk around Collegetown to the Stewart Ave bridge.  Look at all of the beautiful flowers and trees blooming right now.   Just meditate for a few minutes and clear your thoughts.  There is so much hope and this stressful time will pass!

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