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Now is a Good Time to Make Your Living Arrangements for Next Semester

Before you know it, your upcoming semester will be here and you don’t want to be scrambling for your off-campus housing. Student apartment rentals in Ithaca can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. Making the effort to look at properties now and plan ahead will save you a lot of worry and stress later on.

PJ Apartments offers very well-maintained, clean and safe affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca and can provide necessary amenities that you will not find elsewhere, all included in your rent.  We have been providing excellent student housing to the community for many years and know exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your new place.

Student Apartment Rentals in Ithaca

Maybe this is your first step into looking at off-campus housing or perhaps you are a returning student who needs a better place to call home. You need to consider the following as you begin your search:

Talk to upperclassmen about places they recommend. There are many experiences, good and bad and those older students can provide insight into the pros and cons. For instance, while the majority of students live in off campus housing, you could choose to remain in some of the on-campus dorms or apartments offered. A benefit to on-campus housing is that the lease lasts the duration of the school year and most of the furniture is provided. If your hometown is far from your college and you don’t want to deal with buying or shipping furniture, this is a very good option.

But if you plan to live off campus, it will take time to research the numerous housing options. Once you decide on a few apartments you’re interested in, actually touring them is the first necessary step. All the pictures posted online by the rental agency may not be exactly what is available. The apartments are cleaned and lit to make them look their best, which is often not exactly how it will look while you’re living there.

As you visit each apartment, think about your priorities for a space you will be calling home. Do you hate sharing a bathroom? Will you be more productive if you have your own bedroom? Will you be on a meal plan again? If not, is this kitchen big enough to let you enjoyably cook?

PJ Apartments is proud of the rentals we share out with students here in Ithaca. We understand that you don’t want a lot of surprises and we do try to spell everything out to you. We welcome any and all questions you might have. Never think a question is silly…you won’t know unless you ask.

Our affordable apartment rentals in Ithaca come with some furnishings. The common space of each unit is furnished to fit the space. Living rooms may have sectional sofas or couches, a coffee table and end tables, table lamps, and a dining room table and chairs. If your building has a porch, we also provide outdoor furniture such as black futons, occasional chairs and dining table and chairs. Each tenant is provided with a full size bed, dresser, desk and desk chair.

If you would prefer to bring your own bed, we can accommodate your needs. However, we cannot accommodate moving furniture out of the common space or bedrooms to allow you to bring in your own furniture. You may bring small items such as a bedside table, small bookcase etc. Please note: any large piece of furniture including beds, must be approved prior to moving in.

The Time is Now to Reserve Your New Home

Just as there are many apartments in Ithaca for students, there are many students seeking the same ones. We do recommend that you check out OUR PROPERTIES as soon as possible so that you can have a good idea of which one you would be interested in.  We are taking applications and reservations for the 2017-2018 school year.

Looking forward to meeting you and your family, plus getting you settled into the community.

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