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Cornell Students

This week there is a lot on your mind with final exams.  Soon after that, you will pack up to go home for the summer or to move into your next apartment.  Keep in mind that once the dust settles with the semester ending that now is the best time to plan ahead for your living arrangements for next year in Collegtown.

Starting Fall 2021 all Freshman and Sophomore students are required to live on the semester.  This means that once the academic year of 2021-2022 is over Sophomores and up will be looking to spread their wings and move off-campus.  Where is the best place to live off-campus? Collegetown!  The best place to look is no further than PJ Apartments.  We have 27 beautiful and historic properties just a block from campus!

What Size Apartment Do I Need?

You might or you might not have this answer already.  Do you prefer to live by yourself in a 1BR or Studio?  Do you have a good friend or roommate you want to share a 2BR apartment with?  Do you have two really good friends and want to live together in a 3BR Apartment?  We have so many options that go up to 4, 5, and more bedrooms and whole houses.  Please contact us today at Or call (607)277-0910

Getting Ahead

Come Spring Semester 2022 everyone will be looking for apartments to rent for the following year in Collegetown, Ithaca.  This whole blog today is about getting ahead of the curve.  Start thinking and planning today.  Speak to your friends, your parents.  Take a look at our last blog post on tips for choosing off-campus rentals.  You will surely want to take your mind off of Cornell for the Summer, but you will want to get the perfect place you can finish out your college career!


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