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Start thinking now about renting next year!

Why now?

You might be thinking why should I start thinking about renting for next year, now?  It’s a whole year away.  Well, the market for apartments for rent near Cornell is about to get competitive.  As our tenants know, Cornell is now requiring students to live on campus for both Freshman and Sophomore years.   So come next year all current Sophomores, as well as Juniors and Seniors, will be looking for Cornell Collegetown apartments.  So a really good idea is to get ahead of this and write to us to inquire now.

Will there be enough apartments?

As any Cornell student knows there is construction going on daily around Collegetown.  Apartment buildings are going up on all the corners.  So there will be housing available, it just comes down to what kind of housing you want.  The apartment buildings with all the amenities may be nice but it’s not much of a difference from being in the dorms.  There is no RA, but it still has the same feel as a dorm with little to no privacy and not much charm.  For beautifully furnished apartments near Collegetown, Ithaca, look no further than PJ Apartments.  Our houses have that homey feeling, in beautiful and historic buildings.

2024-2025 is YOUR year for PJ

Finding affordable student apartment rentals near Cornell can be an easy and simple process.  You have to navigate through all of the stuff that’s out there.  There is some good and there is a lot of bad, but PJ Apartments you can trust.  Email us today: and we can discuss all of the options we have.  You want that real off-campus living experience.  Being so close to Cornell and in the heart of Collegeotwn but also living in a beautiful house.  It is a great place for you to spend your precious last college years!

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Start thinking about renting next year!

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