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Why wait to rent?- Collegetown/Cornell

Plan Ahead

Each year as the semester begins here at Cornell University we get so many email requests for housing.  Not only housing about next year but housing about this year.  We have to tell the students the same thing each time, sorry we are fully rented for the year.  We know firsthand how competitive Cornell Off-campus housing is.  The best way to not get stuck desperately looking for an apartment as the semester is about to begin is to plan ahead for the next year. That means inquiring now for a 2024-2025 Collegetown Apartment.

Housing Market

In Collegetown there is a lot of inventory of housing and places to live.  Unfortunately, not all landlords are vetted and have longstanding reputations renting to Cornell students.  As incoming students, you have to be careful who you choose and where you choose to live.  It is important to find a fully furnished Collegetown apartment close to Cornell.  You want an affordable student rental in Collegetown.  The last thing you want is to be just given the keys and told to pay the rent each month.  You want personalized care and attention so that your living experience will be the most comfortable one possible.

PJ Apartments

That is where we here at PJ Apartments come in.  We offer our tenants the personalized care and attention that make your off-campus housing experience the best it can be.  This is why year after year we are fully rented for the next year before the spring semester begins. So we ask you to email us today:  We can personally walk you through the whole renting process.  We treat each of our tenants as an individual and are invested in seeing each lease through.  As many students are first-time renters we are here to help you find the best place for your off-campus experience.  You will be able to enjoy your off-campus college experience to its fullest!

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