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The Best Renting Companies in Collegetown

Collegetown Apartments

The neighborhood of Collegetown in Ithaca, NY is the mecca for renting if you are a Cornell student.  It is also the place you will get your food, eat out, go shopping, run your errands, and buy groceries and alcohol.  Basically, the neighborhood is a one-stop shop for students.  It is the place where when you are able to move off-campus you will more than likely live.  Entering the Cornell off-campus housing market is a necessary part of your college career.  So when doing so you want to find the best place to live.

The Best

Of course the term “best” is subjective and based on opinion.  When looking for a student apartment rental near Cornell you will want to find one of the best-renting companies.  There sure are a lot of renting companies and landlords here in Ithaca.  This article is to help you find one that you can trust.  Here at PJ Apartments, we have had thousands of students over the past 20 years do just that.  They trust us to house them and provide them with a comfortable place to live.  In return, we provide outstanding service and allow them to have a great place to live and thrive.

Choose Us

Having over 24 houses in Collegetown, and up to 300 tenants a year, we are very experienced at taking care of our Cornell tenants.  We have a fast and responsive maintenance staff, as well as a management team that is here to help with any situation that may arise.  When it’s time to choose your affordable student housing near Cornell you should do your research.  This means going and seeing places in person and really getting a feel for where you will be living.  We also personally work with all of our prospective tenants to find them their ideal living arrangements.  Email us today!

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