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1 Bedroom Apartments near Cornell

Williams Street

Collegetown is a complex little city within a city.  The streets run in all different directions, some are windy and curved some are straight.  It is just a small part of what gives Collegetown in Ithaca its unique charm.  Searching through apartment listings you may see all different streets and addresses.  But just because they are in Collegetown does not mean they are student apartment rentals near Cornell.  Collegetown is spread out and you may land a 20-minute walk away from campus.  One street that is less than one block from campus and directly across from Eddy Street is Williams Street.  We have some really high-quality 1 bedrooms on Williams.

Highland Place

Just off of Williams Place and right across from the Cascadilla dorms is beautiful Highland Place.  I street that is shaped like the letter C.  It has a beautiful selection of historic homes on it.  Here too you can find a great selection of 1 bedroom apartments in Collegetown.  Highland is another gorgeous street that is almost exclusively rented to Cornell students. Along with Williams Street, it is also one of the closest streets you can live next to campus.  The street also runs along the side of Cascadilla Gorge.  From many of the houses, you can hear the water running down the gorge just below!

Dewitt Place

A little gem of a street tucked into Collegetown is Dewitt Place.  It is one block past Stewart Ave and still just 3 or 4 blocks from campus.  The greatest part of living on this street is the quiet and privacy.  Along with that, every tenant gets free off-street parking.  Anyone who lives in Collegetown knows parking is few and far between.  There are so many perks living on Dewitt Place.  It is also filled with affordable student apartments in Ithaca.  Here at PJ Apartments, we offer so much variety and such high quality.  Email us today at to get started!

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