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Collegetown, NY for 2022-2023


Winter is making its strong return here in Ithaca.  Not so much with the snow but with the bitter cold.  We have had multiple days with the wind chill in the negatives and if you step outside you can feel it.  Our first significant snow is projected for this upcoming week so we will see.  Collegetown and Cornell are still very quiet as many students are slowly trickling back to campus.  Our student apartments for rent in Collegetown are still very quiet.  Soon enough, the population of Ithaca will double overnight. We will have all of our wonderful Cornell students and tenants back.

Plans for next year?

At this point, as the Spring 2022 semester is about to begin, it is a really good time to think about what you’re plans are for next year.  For 3/4 of the undergraduate student body, this means you will be here in Ithaca for another year.  Another half of the students will be looking to transition to off-campus housing.  So where do you start looking for affordable student rentals near Cornell?  Take a look at our website for starters:  From there you can get an idea of the high level of quality and comfort that we provide in our rentals.  The other huge perk is the location of our properties.  So close to campus and in the heart of Collegetown.


What will this year bring us?  No one knows but we do know that we have all adapted to the pandemic.  Cornell will continue and classes will resume.  From one variant to the next, we can all agree that the best learning done is in-person.  Cornell is also taking all of the safety measures available to ensure this return to classes goes as smoothly as possible. So before the studies consume most of your time start to find out your living arrangements if you haven’t.  We are here almost every day to answer all of your emails and questions.  Contact us to secure your Cornell off-campus housing for 2022-2023.

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