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Cornell Fall Semester Begins – 2022-2023

The Race Is On

The 2022-2023 semester is beginning.  Tomorrow marks the first day of classes.  There is a mix of emotions going through the student’s heads right now.  Many are excited to get the semester underway and have had a nice break over the summer.  Many others are nervous and anxious knowing the amount of work that is ahead of them this year.  Those are all normal feelings going into a new school year and especially at an Ivy league.  We have seen many students moving in over the course of the past few weeks into their student apartment rentals near Cornell ready for classes to begin.

Class of 2023

A new year brings a whole new class that will be attending their very own commencement this year.  This class has made it through some difficult times, specifically dealing with the pandemic.  All of these circumstances have added an extra layer of pressure on them. The fact they have all persevered through it is very impressive and says a lot.  We have seen some of our tenants who have been with us for a few years now getting ready to graduate this upcoming year.  We are happy to have provided them with a place at our Cornell collegetown apartments.

Looking Ahead

As classes begin tomorrow this brings a whole new group up who are looking to make their transition to off-campus housing for next year.  Many want to gather with their friends for their senior year or many just want their first off-ccampus experience junior year.  Here at PJ Apartments we provide a place for Cornell srudents to have those experiences.  We offer houses that have beautifully fursnihed apartments in Collegetown.  You get the feel of living in a beautiful house.  It is a major upgrade from living in a dorm or even an aparment building/high-rise.  Please email us today to finds out more.

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