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The Cornell Renting Market

Collegetown 2022

As a student who passes through Cornell University, you spend a lot of time in Collegetown.  That is the neighborhood that is directly adjacent to the campus.  Collegetown is where you will do a lot of eating, drinking coffee, shopping, partying, and eventually living when you can move off-campus.  The neighborhood has been built up to provide all of those important services to students in close proximity.  Cornell is on top of a very large hill so it’s nice to not have to go down into town to get the things you need.   A majority of students live in Cornell off-campus housing in some form once they move out of the dorms.

Renting in Collegetown

The latest trend is as soon you become a sophomore while living on-campus, you will start thinking about junior year.  By this I mean you will start to think about where are you going to live once you can.  Now that all students are required to live on campus for freshman and sophomore years, the excitement to move off-campus has grown.  You put your time in the dorms or in a sorority or fraternity so it’s nice to be able to spread your wings.  You can now have your very own Cornell collegetown apartment that you can call home.


Now is the time if you are planning on renting for next year to start looking.  Classes have not even started yet and we have already rented a number of apartments for 2023-2024.  You may want to live on your own in a 1 bedroom so you can have some peace and quiet after a few years in the noisy dorms.  You may also want to move in with your group of friends together in a larger apartment.  Whatever you may want it is worth it to drop us an email.  We have a lot of great options of fully furnished apartments near Cornell.  Next year can be your year to have a great place to live!

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