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Vaccinations and the return of Live Music!

Could live music return this summer?

Over these past 14 months, so much has changed in our daily lives.  The new “normal” isn’t anything like normal was, but the good thing is that there is hope in sight.  As more and more Americans and people around the world are getting vaccinated, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We may be able to enjoy activities again in groups.  Specifically, one of the most fun activities is seeing live music and going to concerts again! I’m sure many of the Cornell students living in our Collegetown apartments would tend to agree.

One of many things we have missed this past year is live music.  Live music, theater, dance, art performances, galleries have all been put on hold. Some major bands and music festivals have already postponed their events until Summer 2022, there is a large number of bands that are planning on playing this summer, 2021.  So that means for any music lovers out there, there is hope to see some music this summer!  It may be some small bands playing outdoors, off-campus concerts, maybe some music on-campus come the Fall, or it may mean large touring acts, lets keep the faith!

There are a lot of details to still be worked out, such as Vaccine passports or proof of vaccination, along with the social distancing measures that need to be practiced, but they will be worked out.   Live music will return!  The feeling of seeing live music with your friends.  Dancing and letting go of all your stress and worries and just to be in the moment.  Have hope, we will see some music this summer!

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