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Summertime situations.

 How to Keep Your Collegetown Apartment in Ithaca Free of Bugs  During the summer, it can be very hot and our Collegetown rentals in Ithaca need ventilation. There are a couple of things to keep in mind to prevent bugs from invading your apartment. If you want to keep your windows open during the summer, make sure you have […]

August is on its way.

6)  Do July showers bring August flowers? The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”.  Well, this month so far in Ithaca has been nothing but showers.  It is a reason to be a little frustrated, but remember the sun is coming!  So if you are staying with us in our Cornell off-campus housing and trying to enjoy […]

Getting a jump start on your future housing.

1) 2024-2025 If you are still looking for off-campus housing near Cornell for 2023, you are late to the party.  There are still some small pockets of availability but most of the housing is fully rented in Collegetown.  The good news is if you are reading this you have a head start for 2024-2025!  There is […]

August and Cornell Student Housing

August If you can believe it August 1st is a few weeks away.  This July appears to have been a record-breaking month in terms of rainfall here in Ithaca.  But the good news is the sun is out now and let’s hope for many more sunny days to come in August.  August is an exciting time in […]