Beautiful New Gardens Added to Collegetown Properties

Throughout 2017 PJ Apartments focused on developing Dewitt gardens. These beautiful gardens are located along Dewitt Place complementing PJ Apartments’ collegetown apartments. Ithaca is one of the most beautiful locations in Upstate New York and we believe our apartments should be no different. An emphasis on developing lush gardens for our tenants has been a success and now we are proud to share what our hard work has accomplished.

A brand new walkway leads to 514 East Buffalo street lined with various plants including flowers, bushes and vines. When approaching 514, you will see a row of amazing boxwoods that follow the edge of the path guiding you up to the porch. Tall vines continue along the front of the house transforming into another beautiful garden visible from the street.

Around the corner onto Dewitt Place another new garden has been planted. Filled with boxwood bushes, daffodil, snowdrop and crocus flowers it provides a pleasant aesthetic that ecompases Ithaca renting. The garden transformation we have made throughout the last year continue up Dewitt Place until they are met by the Cascadilla Gorge that marks the end of the street.

Our goal is to provide tenants with the best possible experience while living in Ithaca apartments. We believe that our new gardens will help provide and embrace this experience by creating a homey, comfortable feel for those who choose PJ Apartments.    

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